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Turas Roadmap

"We intend to ensure that all components in Turas applications are derived from one source (the Turas style guide) and our aim is for that source to be fully accessible. "

Colin Sanders, Principal Lead (Experience)

The UX team has been busy working on the new style guide for the last year and it has been implemented on new products such as:

  • Turas People – Enables the sharing of employment and trainee information between doctors in training, lead employers and placement Boards
  • Turas Appraisal – The application for recording the appraisal information of Health and Care staff across Scotland

Figure 1: Screenshot of Turas Appraisal

Turas Appraisal screenshot

We have short term plans to implement the style guide on older Turas products such as:

  • Turas Learn (launched April 2016) - Health and social care learning resources
  • Turas Training Portfolio (launched July 2016) - Enables trainees to keep track of progress by recording evidence gathered throughout their training

Figure 2: Screenshot of existing Turas Learn (with previous style guide)

Learn homepage screenshot

We also have it embedded and implemented on upcoming products such as:

  • Turas FNP - Supports the recording and management of the Family Nurse Partnership programme for first-time young mums and families
  • Turas QM - Set-up and tracking of Quality Management activities

Advantages of the new style guide

  • We have worked very hard to make sure that the colour palette that we have chosen is such that written text is crisp and clear and meets accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 AA.
  • We have chosen a font that we consider is appropriate in size and legibility for all users but one that particularly works for users with dyslexia.
  • We have ensured that alerts do not just rely on colour to draw the attention of users: a combination of icons, text and colour is used.
  • We've considered the responsiveness of all elements when users switch to mobile and tablet views.

Timescales for moving Turas applications to new styles

Proposed timetable of change:

  • Turas Learn - September/October 2019
  • Turas Training Portfolio – January 2020
  • Turas Professional Portfolio – February 2020

Going forward

The style guide is not perfect. In parallel with implementing it on older applications we plan to continue to improve components with regards to accessibility and have these pushed out to replace existing components.

New components will also be introduced in an accessible format from now on.

Furthermore, we plan to continue the work we have started in creating contacts of users who can advise us and help us test the accessibility of specific journeys through applications.

Over the last year we have worked with screen reader users and sought advice from dyslexic members of NHS staff on the usability of prototypes and wireframes.

We want to continue and expand on this source of valuable information.